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About Dr. Smith

Life Just Got "Very Interesting" For The Tennis Dentist

Over two years of blood, sweat, tears, and more sweat, that included Cardio Tennis three times a week, Dr. Sandy Smith waved goodbye to 40 pounds.

She dumped a wardrobe she hated. She moved her dining habits into the altered state of discipline.

Sandy paid the price, indeed, peeling off the weight, and emerging with a new chassis, feeling good, looking great, getting noticed.

With a successful solo dental practice minutes from the Tennis Center, Sandy committed to Cardio Tennis because, "It sure beats a gym; it lifted my spirits and made my day go better with more energy, endurance, and best of all motivation to keep going."

A mother of three and natural competitor in almost everything, Sandy didn't shy away from the race horse action of the Cardio Sessions, the same track that helped her friend Mike Woody, leader of the MCTC, drop 50 pounds.

"If he can do it, I can do it.! Now I'm fit to thrill." she says laughing.

Among the advantages of her Cardio Tennis Journey: "It fit my schedule. I could count on the workouts being vigorous and tiring. I could almost feel the calorie burn. Part of me started to disappear almost immediately."

Obviously there are days when friends who haven't seen Sandy in a while are flabbergasted. "I can't believe it's you", said a friend shaking her head. "You look fantastic!"

Sandy tells her pals they can achieve the same results if they can suck it up and roar through the first two weeks, they will see the difference fast, new energy, new endurance, and pounds headed for the exit.

"I just tell 'em, quit thinking about it and do it! The transformation starts immediately and you really want to bring the commitment because while Cardio Tennis is changing your body, it definitely is changing your life."

There are a lot of high fives flying at the Tennis Dentist these days.

And she's earned every one of them.